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Clean, renewable energy is the way of the future. The benefits of solar energy include:
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Most Customers Get 26% Tax Credit!

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We’ve been helping LA to secure it’s energy future for over 10+ years, let us help you today! Once your new solar power solution is up and running, you’ll enjoy dramatically lower energy bills. Also, most customers are eligible for a 26% tax credit!

Your solar panel installation will be handled by professional, licensed installers, A to Z. We will be happy to plan the entire project for you.

Using solar electricity to power your home has many benefits. This great investment will save you money as well as making your home energy-dependent. While the value of your property increases, you will also contribute to the environment. E.Z. Energy Solution is an ALL-IN-ONE service solar panel provider.
This includes custom design, financing and installation. We personally manage your project from beginning to end by providing a team of engineers and solar professionals to design and install your system. Our team also handles the government rebate administration as well.

30 Year Warranty!

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Be sure to take advantage of the various state and federal incentive programs before time runs out.

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With many years of experience, we are able to help you utilize this unique system and have it done right the first time.

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