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At a certain point the cost to maintain and repair a roof become unbearable and the need to re-roof a property becomes inevitable. At E.Z. Energy Solutions we are experts in the re-roofing process, having re-roofed literally thousands of residential and commercial properties throughout the years in the Southern California area. We understand the process can seem daunting and for many people the cost may be one of the single largest investments they ever make in their property. Our team is highly skilled in all re-roof applications, including single-ply, torch, shingle, slate, tile, metal, synthetic and coatings. We will guide you every step of the way, helping to educate you through the re-roof process, while ensuring you choose the best and safest roofing system for your property.

Roof Repair

It is very common for some form of roof repair to occur to a roofing system throughout its life-cycle. The need for roof repair in Southern California typically stems from four primary factors; the quality of the materials initially used, the quality of workmanship at the time of installation, the amount of maintenance performed on a roof throughout its life and the natural elements that the roofing system endures. Often times E.Z. Energy Solutions can extend the useful life of a roof through simple repair. Other times, more complex roofing repairs are required due to additions to a structure such as a solar installation, AC roof penetrations, or room additions being added. These roof repairs, in most cases, require the removal of damaged materials, location of a leak or weak point in the structure and reinstallation of new materials which tie in to the existing roof. There is a significant difference between truly repairing the leak and glazing it over with a can of mastic. At E.Z. Energy Solutions, we do not skip corners when it comes to repairs. Unlike many other roofers in Southern California, we won’t even offer you a repair option if we don’t truly believe your roofing system has life left in it and we can fix the problem.

Benefits of Installing a New Roof

...and of course - Solar Panels

With everybody going green today, solar panels are becoming a popular choice as a source of clean and efficient energy for homes. Solar panels are effective power sources that also lend aesthetic value complimenting any contemporary home.

Solar panels (arrays of photovoltaic cells) make use of renewable energy from the sun, and are a clean and environmentally sound means of collecting solar energy.

You’ve probably have seen calculators with solar cells — devices that never need batteries and in some cases don’t even have an off button. As long as there’s enough light they seem to work forever. On a bright sunny day the sun’s rays give off approximately 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the planet’s surface.

If we could collect all of that energy, we could easily power our homes and offices for free. Today, we know that the sun emits solar rays that can be collected by your solar panels.

These solar panels send electrical currents to your home power inverter. From your inverter, the electrical current is sent to your power panel box for your use. The electrical currents that are not used by your home are credited by the power company back to you through your meter which counts backwards.

Using solar electricity to power your home has many benefits. This great investment will save you money as well as making your home energy dependent. While the value of your property increases, you will also contribute to the environment. E.Z. Energy Solution is an ALL-IN-ONE service solar panel provider.

This includes custom design, financing and installation. We personally manage your project from beginning to end by providing a team of engineers and solar professionals to design and install your system. Our team also handles the government rebate administration as well.

With many years of experience we are able to help you utilize this unique system and have it done right the first time.