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Whether you want to power your entire home, charge your electric vehicles or just heat your pool, solar power is a great, affordable energy alternative.

Be sure to take advantage of the various state and federal incentive programs before time runs out. Time is limited, so go solar today and save tomorrow!

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What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend EZ Energy Solutions for your solar needs. They are descriptive regarding the solar benefits offered through their systems and the positive effects of renewable energy resources...
Kirsten C.
...Rob was very informative, the company did a great installation job, and the savings speak for themselves. Call these guys and get a quote!
Steve M.
Sonya D.
Sonya D.Yelp
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After interviewing 5 solar companies, I decided to give these guys a chance...... Very impressed! Communication through the whole process was pretty much perfect, and the entire process was seamless, from beginning to end. They put together a great proposal based on our energy usage. The on-site crew was professional and reacted positively and effectively to feedback. They did a great job quickly and efficiently, explaining the system and made sure all panels are working properly. The system is now tidy, clean and very unobtrusive.
Ivana T.
Ivana T.Yelp
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I worked with James on installing solar panels on my investment property and he got me a great deal and everything went smoothly from start to finish. I was happy to get the job done asap since time frame was my biggest concern and there can be many delays with project like this. James was there the whole time and kept informing me on the progress promptly. Even the financing went thought much easier than expected. Everything was done in no time and even I, with my controlling personality was happy with their work and communication skills.
Efren S.
Efren S.Yelp
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Getting full value for solar credits and property tax adjustments with PACE financing is not exactly straight forward. However, EZ Energy was available and went the extra mile to schedule a 3 way meeting between the it owner (Michael), YGrene, and myself at my home before I met with my tax preparer to insure I was taking full advantage of benefits due. I commend EZ Energy for their service in this area. I would recommend EZ Energy to friends, family, or anyone else in the Yelp world looking for a solar home solution.